17 October 2005


beneath our existence lies a goal for life's challenges & accomplishments. I personally believe that we are here for é basic mission of living life in accordance to how we choose to live it which will eventually end and judged solely by our creator.

a good compadré lost his mom at 2245hrs on é night of 14 October 05 after years of battling a disease. on behalf of ARTVSTS & familia, deepest condolences for your loss, compadré, for now we do know she is indeed in a much better place and greater loved by none other than God himself. moga Allah s.w.t mencucuri rahmat ke atas rohnya. al-fatihah.

everything here is temporary. we will all leave this place, sooner or later, be it peacefully or tragically. it is all up to é understanding of that fine line between our temporary life and é immortality of death.

take care, bro. we're here for you.

:: solely dedicated to TraseOne ::