03 August 2009

:: january seventeen ::

was clearing my facebook inbox when i came across old messages
exchanged between me and sketch-one back in january on the agenda
of the heartfelt non-profitable event organized by him @ the skate park called
our paint for their paint: artists against the senseless killings in gaza
a supposedly fine day with kids, friends, fellow artists and picnic mats...
was not a good idea after all.

foreseen as a form of political gathering or potential rioters instead of a
peaceful assembly of people enjoying potluck & appreciating our art of memoriam,
they took extreme preventive measures. curtains were drawn before it even began.
for us, it was a despair to disappoint such an overwhelming response and turnout.
branded to might have caused social unrest, there and then...
they knew us as liberators.

stale as it is, that episode sets today's benchmark of limited freedom of art in +65.
these are some of the stencils i did, that never made it to the walls and t-shirts.

they are, most definitely, not ready or prepared, to face our youth who are
in tuned to world issues.

... and this was my response.